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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Loup Loup

The drive from Wenatchee was good and there was very little traffic; I found ice and snow only on the access road. I started my morning with breakfast at the Red Lion, but could not resist a maple bar at the lodge before the lifts started turning.

Once I was properly ticketed and fed, and the lifts were turning, I scored fourth chair, and had the pleasure of touring some nice grooming all around, and decent snow free from any freeze-thaw.

I was very pleased that the snow was in such good shape after Friday; untracked snow remained in spots, in the trees especially. I was also surprised at the number of cars on the hill, and the lack of a line even with a mostly full parking lot. The Loup's main lift serves a ridge that can really spread the traffic around, making any crowds disappear.

Today was a picture perfect Bluebird day, with excellent cruising on all the groomed runs, powder on the rest of the hill, and no lines. No wonder the locals are so happy.


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