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Sunday, June 24, 2007


2007 was a very good season, but unfortunately, mine was cut very short by a broken leg at Skibowl on New Years. I did not return to the slopes until April, by which time my chance to use my season pass had grown quite short. I was lucky to complete Ski Washington before my injury, and took to heart the lesson that my injury provided about paying close attention to slope conditions. My time away from the slopes allowed me to reflect on all the fun I have had snowboarding for the past two years, and helped inspire me to explore further afield in the coming year. After completing Ski Oregon in 2005-06, and Ski Washington 2006-07, I have decided to return to all the great areas I have seen, and to add more to my experience by boarding Idaho as well.

All of this I owe, at least in some part, to Emilio Trampuz, Steve Coxen, and the Northwest Ski Club Council - these two men have been tireless advocates for snowsports in the region, and an inspiration to those around them. My thanks and appreciation to both of you, and NWSCC, for helping to make all this fun a reality.


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