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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Leavenworth Ski Hill

I had a great morning at Leavenworth, riding the tow, and found the hill nicely groomed on the lower part. I did laps there until the top was opened, and did a few more laps practicing switch riding and small jumps, and turning to switch on both sides.

I'm not used to the work of holding on to the rope tow, and after my hands gave out I retired to doing laps on the tubes. The beauty of the play all day plan is evident today, as there is no line for the tubes - I get my fill of the tube by lunch time, and examine the construction of the tubing run on my way to the lodge.

This year the banked turns consist of berms made of hay bales with a snow covering, providing a nice thrill, and improved containment compared to the previous season.


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